Company Profile

In the context of continuing market globalisation, design has become an increasingly important factor in the successful development of product and capital goods. In the conception of new products in times of ever more restrictive economical, ecological and legal conditions, design is a decisive factor contributing to the attractiveness and marketability and thus the success of your product.
IFS Design is the right partner for giving shape to innovative ideas and for designing your technical solutions to transform them with your collaboration into a successful, marketable product.
Through working on and realising a large number of projects, our company has been able to prove its expertise in solving complex design tasks on many occasions. These projects have endowed us with a wealth of experience and potential in design and technical fields.

Jochen Dittrich, Director

International Projects

As well as projects in Europe, Australia, Africa and North America, since 2003 we have realised a great number of projects in Asia, principally in China. Since 2012, IFS Design has its own office in Changzhou (China), which gives us the significant advantage of having local nationals as staff and contacts on the spot.

Company History

IFS Design was established in 1997 as a spin-off of the Design Department of the Institute for Track-Guided Vehicles of the Deutsche Waggonbau AG (DWA).

Studio Berlin

Jochen Dittrich
Dipl. Designer

General Manager
Tibor Kiss
Dipl.-Ing. Architecture

Project Manager
Jordi Truxa
Dipl.- Product Designer

Project Manager
Thoralf Keipert
Dipl.- Product Designer

Project Manager
Maxim Matros
M.Sc. - Mechanical Engineering

Project Manager
Jörn Lutter
M.A. Transportation Designer

Project Manager
Klaus Butzmann

Head of model workshop
Jun Huang
Dipl.- Industrial Designer

Project Management & Sales Asia

Reza Mahboub
M.A. Product Designer

Studio Changzhou

Jack Liu
General Manager IFS China Commercial Engineer
Ross Long
Project Manager Engineer
Viola Wang
Assistant of the management Industrial Engineer
Coco Cao
Design management Designer
Kimi Dai
Project Manager Engineer