Commuter Train Protos, FTD Fahrzeugtechnik Bahnen Dessau GmbH

2005 - 2006
IFS Design was responsible for all design aspects of the PROTOS (exterior, interior and driver’s position) and supported FTD in the realisation of the entire vehicle family. A remarkable feature of the vehicle concept is its level of modularity which makes it possible to lay the vehicle out for all manner of special conditions of service, starting from the type of drive right through to the flexibly-designed internal equipment which can be arranged to suit all imaginable customer requirements. One striking characteristic of the exterior is the shapely integration of the climbing guard, which gives the vehicle a unique feature and makes it instantly recognisable. The order included the construction of a 1:20 scale model with a cutaway body.

The first vehicle produced was delivered in 2007 to the Dutch railway operator Connexxion.