EMU multiple unit, CSR Corporation Limited

In the context of a quotation project, it was the task of IFS Design to create innovative interior design concepts for Chinese “Pioneer II” type high-speed trains (200 km/h). Main emphasis of the project was on the preparation of two independent, but in design terms compatible concepts (models) for the interior design of the train (1st class, 2nd class, dining car). Several different seating configurations for use for different purposes were developed, with the greatest possible level of comfort and many useful details for all passengers. There was a further feature in the totally new concept for the dining car, with maximum space for passengers in the middle of the car and two service complexes, one at either end of the car. Important factors also to be considered in the development were fittings suitable for wheelchair users (e.g. in sanitary areas), a modular system of interior equipment and the integration of modern information systems. These project studies serve as the basis for development of future generations of high-speed trains.