Tram Flexity Berlin, Bombardier Transportation GmbH

2006 - 2009
For one of the most significant orders for new trams – some 200 vehicles – IFS Design was responsible for the overall design of the entire vehicle, Apart from the exterior and interior design, the order included complete revision of the driver’s position and the provision of a mock-up.
The design is oriented towards a functional and timeless use of shapes and is the result of close co-operation between Berlin Municipal Transport (BVG), Bombardier Transportation and IFS Design. The vehicle is designed to meet functional requirements and displays the typical characteristics of the BVG fleet of transport units.
The internal fittings cater for the different requirements of all passengers, in particular those with restricted mobility and older passengers. The trams are all 100 % low-floor.
The driver’s position is patented and was conceived in close collaboration with BVG drivers and as a prelude to development was extensively tested on a full-size mock-up. Through a fundamental restructuring of the entire working environment and the innovative arrangement of the driver’s controls, drivers have optimum ergonomic conditions. With newly-designed possibilities for adjustment, each driver can find the ideal position for driving without becoming tired and will enjoy an optimum view from the vehicle.

The first pre-production vehicle was delivered in 2008 and currently there are over 200 trams designed by IFS Design helping forge the cityscape.