Tram Shenyang, China CNR Corporation Limited

2011 - 2012
IFS Design worked together with Voith Engineering Services GmbH and the Chinese manufacturer CNR CRC on developing a platform for 100 % low-floor trams for the Chinese market. IFS Design was involved in this from the start and designed the entire vehicle from exterior to interior to the driver’s position from the ground up down to the tiniest detail. The product family is characterised by a modular system with which it is possible to realise variable vehicle lengths and different types of vehicle end. The tram for Shenyang displays a large number of innovative basic characteristics. Due to its special design and the large number of modern elements, the tram embodies a new generation of vehicle and sets totally new standards in local public transport. Along with the exterior, the interior too impresses with innovative solutions such as a homogeneous surface ceiling light. The generously-dimensioned panorama windows provide a pleasant feeling of space inside and reinforce the overall impression of comfort. The positive feedback from the end user provides evidence of great capacity for understanding the Chinese mentality.

The first vehicle was delivered to the city of Shenyang in May 2013.
As part of this order, IFS Design also constructed a one-tenth scale model of the vehicle with a cutaway body.